After a comprehensive external review conducted by AdvancED, Charlotte Islamic Academy renewed its accreditation February 2nd, 2017. The Academy was first accredited in 2011.  Accreditation is used at the Pre-K-12 and college levels to distinguish schools that adhere to an identified set of educational standards for quality school systems. AdvancED is the global leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services to over 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.

To earn accreditation, a school must meet the rigorous standards set forth in five areas: 

  1. Purpose and direction
  2. Governance and leadership
  3. Teaching and Learning Impact
  4. Resources and support systems
  5. Using results for continuous improvement

The review team (Dr. Donna James, the NC director of AdvancED, Dr. George Griffin and Dr. Casey Hurley) reviewed the five areas and determined an Index of Education Quality (IEQ) composite score to measure overall school performance. The IEQ scale ranges from 100 to 400. The Academy received a score of 274.60 on teaching and learning impact, 281.82 on leadership capacity and 223.81 on resource utilization. The overall IEQ score was 267.52. All scores were within the average when compared to AdvancED network average IEQ scores, which reflect over 32,000 institutions worldwide, including expensive private schools and wealthy suburban and urban schools and districts. 

The AdvancEd review team will issue a full written report on its findings and evaluation of Charlotte Islamic Academy within three months. The full report will be published on our website. To view the External Review Exit Report, click here.