The Charlotte Islamic Academy is a great place to work. Teachers enjoy collaborative opportunities to work with other faculty as well as the autonomy that marks the teaching experience in Islamic Schools. Our faculty are committed to high standards of excellence in teaching and preserving Islamic principles. They are qualified professionals and highly respected community members.  

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Br. Mizra Azim beg | principal / Math teacher

Br. Beg has over 40 years of experience teaching Math and Science.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math, a Bachelor in Education for teaching Math and a Master in School Administration. In addition to his teaching experience, Br. Beg is a licenced principal for K-12 schools.  He was the principal of Al Huda School & Montessori in Franklin, Michigan before moving to Charlotte in 2004.  Br. Beg is also a professor at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  He teaches at the university's Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education.  Click here to visit the Principal's page.

Sr. Traci Bloom | Pre-K

This will be Sr. Traci's second year teaching at Charlotte Islamic Academy. She has been in the teaching field for 20yrs. Her credentials include a Bachelors degree in Early childhood Education from Lasell College in Newton Massachusetts and a North Carolina Pre-k teacher certification. She currently resides in Charlotte with her Husband and three kids.

SR. Soraya | Kindergarten

Sr. Soraya has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and an Associate's Degree in Arts. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Early Childhood Education/ESL.  For over a decade, she worked as a Girl Scout Leader, Girls on the Run Coach, Summer Camp Counselor, ESL Tutor and Sunday School teacher (Islamic Studies).  Sr. Soraya was a Homeschool teacher & consultant and worked along side families to create individualized learning plans for their Homeschoolers in grades K-3rd.  Her Kindergarten is now a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classroom.

Sr. Dorene Alama | English

This is Sr. Dorene's 10th year teaching English for grades 7-12  at Charlotte Islamic Academy.  Prior to this she was a teacher for Language Arts and Social Studies at the Islamic Academy for Peace in Metheun, Massachusetts.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and English and is currenlty pursuing her Masters in English at UNCC with an emphasis on creative writing.  

Sr. Aqeelah Miller | 4th Grade

Sr. Aqeelah has a bachelor's degree in Social Work and dual concentrations in Biology and Mathematics.  She has taught grades 1-4, middle school sciences, and in composite classroom settings.  She worked as a Literacy Coach for K-3. Her previous teaching experiences include Al-Huda School (College Park, MD) and IQRA Academy (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands).  

Sr. Maryam | Social studies

Sr. Maryam has been teaching for 30 years from pre-school and day care centers to adult education classes with California credentials. She has a lifetime teaching credential from the state of Connecticut, where she received her initial educational training. This is her fourth year at Charlotte Islamic Academy as the Social Studies teacher.

Sr. Nesreen Barazi | 1st Grade

Sr. Nesreen holds a Standard Professional II license to teach grades K-9 with middle school endorsements in Mathematics, Physical and Social Sciences in both North Carolina and Illinois. She holds a Master's of Education degree with honors from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in biochemistry/pre-pharmacy. Prior to moving to Charlotte, she taught 7th/8th grade Mathematics and Science in Chicago public schools. She also has international teaching experience and has collaborated with educators from all over the world as part of a teaching contract in the United Arab Emirates. She taught and created curriculum for Mathematics, English and Science as part of Abu Dhabi’s educational reform. She is also a mentor teacher and has mentored incoming first year teachers at the Academy. She hopes to pursue a doctorate in education sometime in the near future. In the meantime, she enjoys collaborating with faculty, students and parents at Charlotte Islamic Academy.

Sr. Panny Tarlton

With over 40 years of teaching experience, including 16 years in Charlotte, Sr. Penny has taught grades Pre-K through 6th grade as a core teacher, teacher mentor and elementary coordinator.
A well-respected community member, Sr. Penny has Early Childhood Development Credentials I&II and her teaching skills have been rated as distinguished in all areas by Dr. Debra Morris from UNCC’s Department of Educational Leadership.

Sr. Alaa | 2nd Grade


Sr. Sarah | 3rd grade

Prior to her current position at C.I.Academy, Sr. Sarah was an elementary teacher at Noble Leadership Academy, located in New Jersey, for two consecutive years. In addition, she is a recent graduate of Montclair State University where she attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in grades K-6 in May 2014 and her Master’s Degree in Inclusive Education in May 2016.  Among her years as a student and teacher, Sr. Sarah has strived to create a successful learning environment in which all students feel comfortable and motivated enough to grow as a lifelong learner. She believes that every student learns differently and grows at his/her own pace. Inshallah, this year, she intends to support her students in their development of new vocabulary, reading, writing, and math techniques as well as enhance their background knowledge of new concepts in science and social studies.

Sr. Aliyah | math & science

Sr. Aliyah has over 16 years of teaching experience, and has been teaching at Charlotte Islamic Academy since 2009. She has successfully completed courses on several subjects related to education; including early childhood education, childhood psychology, and teaching literature to elementary aged students.


Br. Bah Lamin | Math & science

Sr. faiza masoud | qais

Sh. Mohammed Khan | QAIS

Sr. Halima | qais

Sr. Wakeelah | literacy support

She has journeyed from the Head Start Program, Muslim School, Charlotte Mecklenburg School System and now for the past five years here at Charlotte Islamic Academy after 40 years in education  She has worked as a Parent Advocate, Teacher, Associate Teacher and Reading Tutor in private and public school settings .Currently, she is working as a Reading Support Teacher for grades K-2.   Sr. Wakeelah attended Winston-Salem State University and later graduated with honors from Belmont Abbey College with a BA in Education

 "We must educate the whole child, intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially. We cannot neglect one in favor of the other and create a balanced student who thrives in a diverse society."

Sr. Zainab Khan | Science

Br. Mario Zaconet | pe